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As the cost of fossil fuels increase and mobile telecommunications systems are deployed in more remote areas without mains power, the value of alternative power solutions will become more apparent. All the cummunication companies are looking for these solutions, especially photovoltaic systems where they will be highly cost effective.

Industrial and solar solutions are now widely available at increasingly affordable prices. Incentivesare available in some countries which further strengthen the case for using these technologies.Bringing these technologies into Telecommunications applications is expected to bring cost savings andoperational advantages to operators and telecommunications service to remote areas.

The development of high efficiency and affordable solar power has progressed to the point that domestic solutions are feasible in areas of high sunlight. Mechanically pointing the array directly at the sun will increase output, particularly at the start and end of the day. Modelling the local conditions will assist in determining whether a larger static array or a smaller pointing array will be preferable in terms of cost and maintenance.