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The Photovoltaic Systems can be managed remotely through the screen or internet and the respective portal providing high degree of flexibility and accessibility. Monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems is essential for reliable functioning and maximum yield of any solar electric system. The most simple inverter check (monitoring) can be performed by reading values on display - display (usually LCD) is part of (almost) each grid-connected inverter. For sophisticated monitoring and control purposes environmental data - like module temperature, ambient temperature, solar radiation, wind speed etc. - can also be data logged, stored and analysed later. Remote control and monitoring can be performed by various remote connections as below;

Monitoring Systems for Photovoltaic Applications
  • Local monitoring : Most simple way to perform local monitoring is display available on inverter or on inverter control unit. Other possibilities of local monitoring includes monitoring by local PC via RS232 connection and/or remote display located in living room for example (connection between inverter and display is usually wireless)

  • Public displays : Public displays are widely used not only as public monitoring tool they are used as promotional or educational purposes as well. Communication between photovoltaic system and public display is usually realized via RS232 port, some producers offer also wireless connection. Most common display types are LCD displays, numbers can clearly be read from distances up to 40 m, depends on number sizes.

  • Remote monitoring & communication : Remote control and communication between inverters can be realized with RS485 connection or via grid (powerline connection). Distances up to 1200 m represents no problem, several tenth inverters can be connected in chain and monitored at the same time. For remote monitoring different ways of communication can be used: Ethernet, Internet, dial up access, GSM etc. System can send alerts and status messages to the control center or user. Alerts and system messages can be send by SMS service, GSM, fax machine etc.