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On-Grid Systems

Grid tie solar system is a solar system/photovoltaic/PV system which interacts with the utility and can be with or without batteries. What it does is that it uses the inverters which can sell any excess electricity that is produced from your solar panels back to your utility companies.

Are you concerned about your electricity bills that keeps going higher and higher? Then a grid tie solar system is one good solution to reduce the bills. It's quite simple to be installed and if you have those without the batteries, there's no worries of maintenance or replacements.

In some countries, you can get a state-guaranteed fixed price for up to 25 years from your grid operator for the solar electricty you feed into utility grid. To find out what the regulations are in your country, contact your local authorities or ask us. If your country has a feed-in tariff, then your investment will not only pay off, it will do so for years to come.

System Components
  • Solar Modules: The solar modules silently convert sunlight into emissions-free direct current.
  • Inverters: The direct current produced by the solar modules is then converted into grid-compatible alternating current and fed into the local grid.
  • Grid feed electricity meter: The grid feed electricity meter is installed next to your existing electricity meter. It measures the amount of electricity in kilowatt hours that you feed into the public grid and indicates how much you’ve produced.
  • Two way counter: In most countries, the two way counter detects if you are drawing your electricity from your own photovoltaic system or from the public grid.
  • Monitoring: Monitor all your unit data via SMS, e-mail or Internet to make sure it is running optimally and to calculate your earnings.