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HSE actions have fundemental position in teh management of ATSCO SOLAR as being the first priciple of our Quality Policy; We aim to offer quality PV Panels in conformity by executing all of our activities in full compliance with the legal regulations and procuring prevention of people from harm, elimination of accidents and a safe environment.

In order to attain these objectives;

  • We aggree that no work is as important and prior to be done without safety measures and organize trainings to make our employees gain this consciousness,
  • Conduct periodic inspections in our factory and service sites to determine the imperfections and to correct them; after a safe working environment for our employees to meet our safety expectations,
  • Utilize the energy in the most efficient manner with the goal of protecting nature and provide the recycling of our wastes,
  • Motivate our employees by awards so as to ensure the efficiency of our HSE activities.